Need For Speed: Most Wanted Bugs Galore

I've been playing NFSMW and have had a lot of fun and even more frustration. It seems that I can outdrive the XBOX 360. I get going, cutting corners, and flying down the road. If I go too far, too fast, without errors, I get stuck at a screen loading. Most of the time I have to turn off the X360 and bring it back on losing any progress I haven't saved. What is the purpose of having "Free Roaming" if you have to return to the Safe House after every single race to save? I have had it lock up on me during high speed cop car chases, during races, and during regular free roam. My X360 was built in January and has lots of ventillation around it. (The back and front is open air.) This leads me to believe that EA did such a crappy rush job to get this game out that they left some huge bugs in this game. Since they obviously don't care about quality and haven't released any automatic patches that fix these issues, I hope the modding scene can use these bugs to their advantage at least. Maybe this game will become the new Mech Warrior.