I finally crawled out from under my rock again...

...I didn't see my shadow so I went back under it for a while. (Ya I'm a confused lizard.) Anyhow, Some things have been happening since the last time I wrote here.

My father passed away early this year. It was very sudden and still hurts a lot, but gotta keep on moving. Suffice it to say that my Mom is an amazing person. She keeps on going and does so much I'm just flat out amazed.

Work still sucks. Go figure! The best part about my job is that I get to drive my car every day and cruise on the highway. Up until recently, that is. Now I'm taking a rental car to work since they are paying for it. I'm thankful that we got a Pontiac Grand Prix to drive in as it could have easily been *MUCH* worse! I won't comment on my "carpool" situation. Let's just say I much rather be cruising down the road with the radio going.

I washed my cell phone the other day. Damn! Those things aren't meant to be washed. I went to open the washing machine and I hear this electric noise and a buzzing and I think to my self, "Self! WTF is that sound???". I pull my shorts out and sure enough they are where the noise is coming from. My heart sinks and I realize that my new Samsung A900 phone is in the middle of its death screams. So now I'm real pissed at myself and now I have a Treo 700wx. The Samsung was almost "too small" so I went to the other end and got a PDA cell phone. I have had PDAs before and loved them, but stopped carrying them because I have too much other crap on my pockets. Now I can't avoid having my PDA and I love all the extra functions of having a mobile computer.

My small computer business is still plugging away. Nothing major to report on that front. Still host various websites for people and work on them whenver I find the time. This is a good thing. It pays for my cell phone service and my "replacement phone". Sprint was not real nice to me though. I had to fight them to get a discount on the phone. I've only had service with them for 6 years and have 3 lines of service.

Well for the better news: My wife and I are going to be brand new parents come May 2007. Yep, Laura is prego and we'll be expecting a new addition to the household. Boy are our cats going to be jealous! They think they are the babies and deserve all the attention. This new baby better not like cat treats otherwise we might find it in the buried in the litter box some day. I wouldn't put it over these cats: They are trouble makers, that's for sure. But they are cute too when you scare them 5 feet straight up into the air and run them into walls and up walls with laser pointers. I imagine a kiddo will be cute and just as much fun to "torment" I mean play with.

So there you have it. That brings you up to date with what has been going on in my life lately. I'm sure I've left out little things like modifying a couple xboxes and tinkering with some LX car mods, but nothing major, yet.