Newborn... pictures inside.

Matthew Nichols entered this family recently. I've placed some pictures online, but I figured it was probably best to limit access to the pictures of a baby, at least for now.

If you are a friend or family member, you are welcome to view them:

1. Click on Gallery at the top.
2. Click the "Register" button just above the username/password boxes.
3. Fill in your desired username and email address and click the button to "Create new account"
4. Check your email in a few minutes and click the link in the email from the website to activate your account. You will be brought back to the website.
5. After you log into the website with your username and password, click "Gallery" at the top. If you clicked Gallery before logging in, you will need to login and click Gallery a second time.

His pictures are in the "Gallery" section... once you have registered you should be able to access them.