Sony Computer Repair Policies: Buyer Beware!

The short version: Don't ever buy Sony products. This laptop has been back to the factory for the exact same problem twice. I use this computer to support my small business and also for my general computing needs. I asked the technician what they were going to do to make sure this failure never occurred again. They couldn't do anything different from the crappy repair job they did the first time to make sure that my primary computer doesn't fail again. My laptop has to die a horrible death 4 times before they are willing to change me over to a different model. This is completely unacceptable. When I told them so they didn't let me talk to anyone else and their only excuse was that it was their current policy.

I have been telling everyone I meet that is interested in computers or may be in the market for a laptop to stay away from Sony. Until Sony decides to provide better customer service than this, I will boycott their products. I wonder how many people remember when the Sony PlayStation 2 came out? I seem to recall how utterly craptastic their first few versions of the PS2 was. Remember the dvd drive failures? Remember the overheating issues? I remember when their DVD drive was so pathetic that when you tried to actually read DVDs with it instead of playing a game the actual drive would start to fail. Utterly pathetic!

Personally, I stay away from brand name computer systems and I build my own. So far I've been able to beat the big brand name guys by a lot when it comes to price, quality, and most importantly computer speed. I've seen them cut too many corners. Laptops are the only place where it is almost worth it to go with a brand name system. So far out of all the Laptops I've seen, I have been the most impressed with the quality of *some* of the HP brand AMD process based systems. But beware: Even amongst the same manufacturer laptops vary in quality. Specifically look for one with a good video card (No an Intel Video card is *not* considered good.) GeForce or ATI Radeon are good video cards in Laptops.

Anyhow, I got off topic a little bit, however I did not want to point out a problem with one manufacturer without at least giving an idea of where to look. When it comes to desktops, micro desktops (12" x 13"), and anything in between: Custom built is really the way to go. Hit me up if you need a computer system. I can save you a ton of money and provide a system with higher grade parts. Remember: Those computers that come with that craptastic tech support we've come to know and hate... that tech support has to be paid from computer sales. How about buying a higher quality computer system to begin with so you don't need to pay for your tech support up front in the cost of the computer system and still have it cost less than a Dell or Gateway with similiar specs? What a novel idea.