The "Myth" Series of Books by Robert Lynn Asprin

If you need a book that will make you laugh out loud at the situations and people interactions that come up, then you should check out the Myth series by Robert L Asprin. I have really grown to love two series by this author: The Myth Adventures and Phule's Company series. I just finished reading the second to last available book in the Myth series and I really must say they keep me entertained. Like the rest of the books in the series, the characters are fun, flawed, and full of it. (The three f's.)

I found it was really hard to figure out what all the Robert Asprin Books were in this series and what order they came in. I finally ran across a website that had an almost complete list:

1978 Another Fine Myth (ISBN: 0441023622, 044100931X, 0441013465) (Revised 1985)
1980 Myth Conceptions (ISBN: 0441555217, 0441013627, 044100931X)
1982 Myth Directions (ISBN: 0441555292, 0441009433)
1983 Hit or Myth (ISBN: 0441013953, 0441009433)
1984 Myth-ing Persons (ISBN: 0441552765, 0441009530)
1985 Little Myth Marker (ISBN: 0441484999, 0441014372, 0441009530)
1986 M.Y.T.H. Inc. Link (ISBN: 0441552773, 0441009697, 0441009824)
1987 Myth-Nomers and Im-Pervections (ISBN: 044155279X, 0441009697)
1990 M.Y.T.H. Inc. in Action (ISBN: 044155282X, 0441009824)
1994 Sweet Myth-tery of Life (ISBN: 0441001947, 0441009824)

2001 Myth-ion Improbable (ISBN: 044100962X)
2002 Something M.Y.T.H. Inc. (ISBN: 0441010830)
2003 Myth-Told Tales (ISBN: 1592220010)
2003 Myth-Alliances (ISBN: 1592220096, 0441011829)
2004 Myth-Taken Identity (ISBN: 0441013112)
2005 Class Dis-Mythed (ISBN: 1592220924, 1592220916)
2006 Myth-Gotten Gains (ISBN: 159222105X, 1592221041) Due from Meisha Merlin Publishing, Inc. (September 25, 2006) 288 pages.

I believe this list is accurate as of 05/06/2006 however I make no warranties at all. I have included all the ISBN numbers I could easily find for these books. A simple search on or Google for these ISBNs should be all you require to locate them yourself for purchase. Note that the last book has not yet been released and is not coming out until September.

The most complete site of information I could find was: and specifically about Myth Books:

There is also a list in the ISFDB website. I prefer the complete list of Myth books on this page to how they have it broken up over there.