I have been upgrading computer systems since the early 90's and building building them since 1999.

Instant Messenger Website - Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, ICQ Chat via a Webpage!

I ran across a really nifty website that will let you send and receive Instant Messages all through a webpage. If you are familiar with Trillian or GAIM where you are able to add multiple instant messenger accounts to one program, this is somewhat similiar. Think of being able to sign onto ALL of your instant messenger accounts all at once from any computer, anywhere. I like this idea! If I need to access my instant messenger accounts, I can do it from any computer that can access a website without installing software. I just go to a website, login with my username, and I am instantly signed onto my IM accounts.

Useful Links / Programs

On this page you will find links to a lot of very useful PC programs. Did I mention that all of these are free for personal use? Check the license for each program before using it for commercial purposes.

AntiSpyware / AntiMalWare / Antivirus:

Microsoft Windows Defender: This is, surprisingly, a very good / free antispyware tool. It looks like Microsoft did something right for once. My only gripe is that this program only works with Windows 2000 w/ Service Pack 4 (SP4) and Windows XP w/ SP2.

A Quick Shuttle SN21G5 Computer Review

While the specs are fairly decent for this tiny computer system, once I got it and started working with it I must say that I am very unimpressed.

With a known-to-be-good brand new processor (AMD 64 X2 4800+) and memory (OCZ PC4000), I am getting boot problems. Most of the time it won't boot up:
1. The fan turns on.
2. No video output.
3. The harddrive light stays on (but there are no drives installed).
4. There are no sounds (like memory initialization or other pc speaker beeps).

I have reseated the processor and memory, removed the CMOS battery, and cleared the CMOS numerous times. I finally got it to boot up a couple times (not reliably and only after disconnecting internal power cables and clearing the cmos) and so I flashed the bios. Shuttle tech support said this kind of problem was due to a bios problem with the X2 processors. After flashing to the newest bios the computer will not boot again. I could get it to boot sometimes with the older bios but now with the new bios (using the Shuttle flash tools) it is completely dead. I told their support I was rather ticked off because their site says the X2 is compatible. The appologized and tried to get me to send my bios chip back to them. I made them cross-ship a new bios chip.

Sony Computer Repair Policies: Buyer Beware!

The short version: Don't ever buy Sony products. This laptop has been back to the factory for the exact same problem twice. I use this computer to support my small business and also for my general computing needs. I asked the technician what they were going to do to make sure this failure never occurred again. They couldn't do anything different from the crappy repair job they did the first time to make sure that my primary computer doesn't fail again. My laptop has to die a horrible death 4 times before they are willing to change me over to a different model. This is completely unacceptable. When I told them so they didn't let me talk to anyone else and their only excuse was that it was their current policy.

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